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CAPPS & COMPANY was founded by Mr. Josh Capps in 2009. The company quickly became one of the premier roofing leaders in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Initially specializing in residential and commercial roofing, CAPPS & C0. successfully designed, managed and completed large scale commercial  projects such as the new Huffman High School,  the Veterans Affair Hospital (Tuscaloosa, Al.) and the American Village Veterans Museum.  


During the evolution of CAPPS & CO., Mr. Capps refined his focus to providing roofing and renovation services for small businesses and residential properties.  This refinement of focus allows Mr. Capps the opportunity to personalize services rendered.


CAPPS & CO. believes in assisting customers protect their business investments and maximize their homes functioning and value.  Trusted, factual based, professional advice provided by Mr. Capps and his employees give customers the ability to confidently make informed decisions that directly impact their business and/or their everyday lives.


CAPPS & CO. maintains the integrity of their business by adhering to strong work values: honesty, punctuality, quality.  Customer satisfaction is earned by providing comprehensive consultations,  design choices, accurate estimates, mutual respect, and long-term follow-up. A 5 Year Quality Installation Warranty is also provided.


Capps & CO. employees and Mr. Josh Capps look forward to working for you.




CAPPS & CO. has enormous experience within its people. The professionals of CAPPS & CO. have years of collective experience with every type of roof system to every renovation category. There simply is nothing that is outside the expertise of the CAPPS & CO. team. A small sample of our projects and our areas of expertise are included in this website.



We know it takes a high level of commitment and consistent follow-through to make safety a priority at all levels of our organization. Our Safety and Risk Management Mission is to create training programs and work practices that protect the health and well being of our employees and our customers. We are OSHA 10 certified witch improves performance.



The company is dedicated to finding, keeping and growing the best people in the industry. We provide regular technical and management training to our personnel. We recognize that the long-term success of our business is based on continuously developing the personal excellence of our employees.

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